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User Guides: Advanced settings

The Flickr2Frame.exe.config file contains a number of advanced configuration options.

These won't need changing for the majority of frames, but if you require more control over file names, download cache, etc, this will be the place to look.

Make sure you edit the Flickr2Frame.exe.config on the frame itself (Flickr2Frame directory), not the one in the downloaded ZIP file.

<add key="autoStartUpdate" value="true"/>
Controls whether the frame will automatically start the update process when the frame is connected to the computer.

<add key="autoNamePhotos" value="true"/>
Controls whether the frame will automatically rename photos in series as they're copied to the frame. If false, the name of the photo as it appears on Flickr will be used. Must be set to true if you want to randomise the photos.

<add key="photoNamePrefix" value="Photo"/>
When auto-naming the photos, this value will determine the prefix of the file name.

<add key="photoNameSuffixDigits" value="4"/>
When auto-naming the photos, this value will how many numerical characters to use in the file name suffix.

<add key="copyAllToRoot" value="false"/>
By default, the photos will be downloaded into directories that match the Subject of the Set (Flickr2Frame_<Label>_<Subject>). If set to false, all photos from multiple Sets will be downloaded to the root folder specified in ConfigFrame.exe.

<add key="leaveFreeOnFrame" value="262144"/>
I found during testing that some frames will stop working if they are completely full. This value (in bytes) will determine how much disk space to leave free when downloading photos to the frame.

<add key="flickrNetCacheDisabled" value="false"/>
Disables the download cache for the FlickrNet API Library (not recommended).

<add key="flickrNetCacheSizeLimit" value="262144000"/>
Size in bytes of the FlickrNet API Library. Ideally, this should be larger than the total size in photos that will be downloaded.

<add key="flickrNetCacheTimeoutSeconds" value="300"/>
FlickrNet API Library cache timeout value in seconds.

<add key="createStartMenuShortcut" value="true"/>
Controls whether to create/update a shortcut in the Star Menu each time the application executes.

<add key="createDesktopShortcut" value="false"/>
Controls whether to create/update a shortcut on the Desktop each time the application executes.

<add key="latestPhotoCount" value="100"/>
If you have more photos available in Flickr than your photo frame can support, this setting will guarantee that the latest X number of photos (based on date taken) will be copied to your frame first, ensuring you always have the latest photos on display.

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