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My wife and I discovered that we were expecting our first child shortly before Christmas, which gave us the perfect opportunity to buy the parents digital photo frames, and keep them updated with all the latest photos of our daughter growing up.

The problem was that none of our parents would have a clue about how to operate a digital photo frame, and they would either not get used, or be a constant burden for me to keep updated.

I mistakinly thought wireless photo frames would be the answer to my problem. I tested and returned various wireless photo frames (I won't name and shame). They either had poor wireless connectivity, poor firmware/features, poor picture quality, or the frame looked too "cheap and plasticky" to be on show in the lounge.

I finally opted for a Philips photo frame, which was miles above the rest in picture quality and looks, but lacked the wireless functionality that would make my life easier.

I decided to develop my own application to keep the photo frames updated, which above all else, had to meet one key objective; be simple enough for non-technical people to use.

I'm not for one moment suggesting this solution is better than a true wireless one, but it's a close second.

Now I can use the best photo hosting site available (IMHO), with *potentially* any digital photo frame currently available.

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