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User Guides: Configure your frame

Now we're ready to configure the photo frame to download photos from your Flickr account. These are also the steps required to update Flickr2Frame with new versions.

1. Connect the digital photo frame to your computer, making sure that it is powered on. Allow a few moments for Windows to detect the frame.
2. Launch the ConfigFrame.exe application (part of the Flickr2Frame download), and select the drive letter that represents your frame from the dialog that appears.


3. You should now see the details you specified during the Test frame compatibility step. You shouldn't need to make any changes in the Photo Frame Options section, assuming that Flickr2Frame successfully downloaded the sample images from my Flickr account.
4. Enter the Label from the Set you created in the previous step (Flickr2Frame_<Label>_<Subject>) in the Set Label field.
5. Select which type of Flickr account you have (which will determine which image sizes are available).
6. Select the download size (FAQ).
7. Enter you User ID (not your Flickr account name). You can use to figure it out, providing you have created a Flickr web address in your account settings.
8. Enter you API Key, Authentication Token and Shared Secret. ConfigFrame.exe should look similar to this:


9. Click Save.

Flickr2Frame is now configured/updated.

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