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User Guides: Create some new Sets

No we're ready to create some new Sets, which will instruct Flickr2Frame which photos to download.

All Sets that you want Flickr2Frame to download must follow a very simple naming convention:


Let's say I wanted to create a new Set for my dad (Homer) of our holiday on the Greek island of Skiathos. The Set I would create might look something like this:

Flickr2Frame_Homer_Skiathos 2009

Next time he runs Flickr2Frame, a new album called Skiathos 2009 will be created on his frame, including all the images you added to the Set.

Some points regarding the Set naming convention:
  • There should be no spaces either side of the underscores (_).
  • You can create as many Sets with the same Label as you want, Flickr2Frame will download all of them.
  • The Subject can contain spaces.

Using this information, now create at least one Set, which we will use in the next step. Make sure the Set contains at least one photo.

Flickr API information << >> Configure your frame

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