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User Guides: Flickr API information

Once you're satisfied that Flickr2Frame is compatible with your digital photo frame (Test frame compatibility), you are ready to configure it to use your own Flick account.

Follow these steps, that will walk you through applying for a new Flickr API Key and Shared Secret, and then using them to obtain an Authorisation Token.

1. Login to your Flickr account.
2. From the Explore menu, select Flickr Services.
3. Click the Apply for an API key link (at the time of writing, it was on the right under a section called Developing on the Flickr API).
4. Click the "Apply for a Non-Commercial key* button.
5. Complete the web page, and click the Submit Application button.
6. Make a note of the API Key and Shared Secret that you should be presented with on the following page (copy and paste into Notepad will save you time).
7. Execute the GetAuthToken.exe application (part of the Flickr2Frame download).
8. Enter the API Key and Shared Secret into the relevant fields.


9. Click the Perform Step 1 button, which will launch a new Internet Explorer window, and navigate to the Flickr site with the provided information, and apply for Read permissions on your account.
10. Click the following button to proceed on to the access page.


11. Click the following button to confirm you want to authorise Flickr2Frame to access your Flickr account using the API.


12. Close the Internet Explorer window.
13. Click the Perform Step 2 button to obtain the Authentication Token.

If successful, you should see an Authentication Token in the GetAuthToken.exe application.


Do not close the GetAuthToken.exe application, as we will need this information later when we configure the frame.

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