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Supported Photo Frames

I'm sure you will appreciate that I don't have the time or money to test my application against every digital photo frame on the market. The vast majority of frames, which don't require any special software to manage, and will happily allow you to copy files over within Windows or from a memory card (such as the latest offerings from Sony and Jessops), will work just fine with the GenericUSB01 frame type.

If your photo frame does not work with one of the types below, please contact me, and I will do my best to add support for your frame. I'm hoping this list will grow as more people adopt Flickr2Frame.

Frame Types

  • GenericUSB01 - Always start with this type, which simply copies the downloaded files to the frame as you would in Windows. Some minor tweaking may be required (file names, photo directory), which is easily done by modifying a few values in the Flickr2Frame.exe.config file. You should also select this type if you are using a memory card/stick to store your photos on.
  • Philips01 - The first generation of digital frames released by Philips. Photos need to be named "Phi_0001.jpg", "Phi_0002.jpg", etc, and copied to a directory called ALBUM.
  • Philips02 - The second generation of digital photos frames released by Philips. Supports multiple albums that must be named "ALBUM\000ALBUM", "ALBUM\001ALBUM", etc. Each album must have a file a file within called "LONGNAME" which contains the name of the album, and a numerical value. Photos need to be named "Phi_0001.jpg", "Phi_0002.jpg", etc.

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