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User Guides: Test frame compatibility

Before you start registering for new Flickr accounts, or applying for API keys, it is a good idea to test Flickr2Frame with your photo frame.

I have provided some sample Flickr API information in the ConfigFrame.exe application, that will allow you to download images from my account on Flickr. To achieve this, follow the simple steps below.

1. Connect the digital photo frame to your computer, making sure that it is powered on. Allow a few moments for Windows to detect the frame.
2. Launch the ConfigFrame.exe application (part of the Flickr2Frame download), and select the drive letter that represents your frame from the dialog that appears.


3. Select GenericUSB01 for Frame Type, unless you know your frame is supported by one of the other options.
4. Choose which directory on the frame the photos should be downloaded to (root not allowed). If no directories are present, you can type the name of a new one, and you will be given the option to create it when you click Save.
5. Select whether you would like the images to be save in Random or Sequential order.
6. Click the Use Flickr2Frame Sample Values button, which will auto-complete the rest of the required information with Flickr2Frame's sample API details.


7. Click Save.

The following actions take place when you click Save:

1. The information provided is written to Flickr2Frame.xml, and saved to the root of the frame.
2. The Flickr2Frame application files are copied to the frame, into a directory called Flickr2Frame.
3. The frame is configured to automatically launch Flickr2Frame when it is next connected to the computer.

Now see the Final testing step to verify that it works, before returning to the Flickr API information to continue the setup process.

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