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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
     <!-- Automatically start the update when a frame is connected. --> 
    <add key="autoStartUpdate" value="true"/>

    <!-- The prefix for the file name (GenericUSB01 only). -->
    <add key="photoNamePrefix" value="Photo"/>

    <!-- The number of numerical digits used in the file name (GenericUSB01 only). -->
    <add key="photoNameSuffixDigits" value="4"/>
    <!-- If false, the suffix name of the Set will be used as a sub directory name (GenericUSB01 only). -->
    <add key="copyAllToRoot" value="false"/>

    <!-- Will only copy a photo to the frame if the space below is available (GenericUSB01 only). -->
    <add key="leaveFreeKB" value="256"/>


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